Email Marketing: The List That Matters

If you’re like me you have signed up for your share of email newsletters. Just to end up with emails that only make you happy when you click delete. Meanwhile, the newsletters that bring a smile to your face seem to be rare.

What’s the difference?

The approach. How you connect with your audience will determine how they react to it. A lot of time you will lose your audience if you’re approach is “Buy my book,” versus “how I can help.”

But what should you write about?

  • Ask your audience for input
  • An aspect of writing you struggled with
  • How you accomplished something
  • What you want your audience to know
  • You posted a new blog
  • You’re having an event
  • A milestone

Email marketing is crucial to building your audience. Nowadays, it’s not good enough to just have a great book. Your audience wants to know more about you than just your biography page. Your book is not just competing against other books but other forms of entertainment television, videogames, movies, etc. Besides, it’s a genuine way to build stronger ties with your audience.

I have followers on twitter, friends on Facebook and other social media. Why waste time on building an email list?

  1. It’s the list that matters!
  2. You can utilize the information to make informed decisions about your audience.
  3. All online platforms like blogs, websites, Twitter, Facebook, RSS readers can get erased, disappear and/or hacked.

Building an email list is not that hard. Here are some Tips for growing your list:

  • Create an email list from your current contacts.
  • Have a sign up sheet at ALL the events you do.
  • Anyone who goes to your blog should be asked for his or her email address.
  • Utilize paid services like Aweber & constantcontact. Both allow you to schedule email blasts to whomever you sign up.
  • Follow-up.

Do you have any helpful tips for growing an email list? How has your experience been with email marketing versus social media?


Rashaun J. Allen (@rashaunjallen) is the author of A Walk Through Brooklyn & In The Moment. He has been featured in several publications such as: The Chronicle, The Troy Record, Albany Student Press & UA Magazine. Find his books at

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